id-tpk stands for “Indonesia-Tindak Pidana Korupsi” or may be freely translated as Indonesia-corruption cases.  This blog is intended to gather all information about corruption highlited by Indonesia as its main focus.  id-tpk is created concerning with the worsen situation in Indonesia in fighting against corruption.  Unpredicted future of poor people in Indonesia is depend on the success of anti-corruption movement in Indonesia.  Therefore, it is on our hand as Indonesian youngsters now, to maintain our hope to built Indonesia anew, free from corruption.  Indonesia youth, where ever you live or stay, be prepared to rise in revolt against corruption!


All information here is derived from many sources, including but not limited to newspaper, broadcastings, magazines, tabloids, independent published mags or newspapers, online medias, blogs, radios, and other published materials that may not stated here.  All sources will be stated as correct as possible, to the best effort of id-tpk to trace the sources of the information.

Please feel free to cite or quote any materials here, as long as you state the original respective sources.


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